• Hip Replacement surgeon and

    Knee Replacement Surgeon

    Hip and knee joint replacement

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    Hip Joint Replacement

    Anterior approach to the hip (DAA)

    A/Prof Di Bella is expert in the treatment of hip osteoarthritis and is constantly up to date with the Australian National Joint Replacement Registry (AOA NJRR) to guarantee that all her patients receive the most reliable prosthesis available in the Australian market.


    A/Prof Di Bella performs total hip joint replacements via the direct anterior approach (DAA), which can improve patients satisfaction and recovery. The possibility to have the operation done via this approach depends on patient's characteristics (body type, shape of the bones, etc).

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    Knee Joint Replacement

    Robotic and computer navigated knee replacement surgery

    total and partial

    A/Prof Di Bella performs both total and partial knee joint replacement to patients with advanced arthritis, using the best-performing prosthesis in the Australian market, according to the Australian National Joint Replacement Registry.


    Before your procedure, you will be required to perform a CT scan that will be used to plan your operation, which will be performed using Robot guidance. 

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    Robot Guided Joint Replacement

    A/Prof Di Bella is one of the few surgeons in Melbourne who performs knee replacement and hip replacement surgery using the advanced robot-guided technique (MAKO robot). Robotic surgery is becoming increasingly popular and has the advantage of allowing extremely precise cuts for accurate implant positioning. This has been shown to improve the overall alignment of the prosthesis, which in turn can improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

    This technology does not come at extra cost to the patient.

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    3D Printing and Robotics in Surgery

    A/Prof Di Bella was invited to give a talk at the Convergence Science network event on the topic of 3D printing and robotics in surgery.

    Watch here the video.